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Indianapolis Half Edition

Indianapolis Half Edition

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Discover the true mix of style, quality, and exclusivity with our special athletic jewelry made for marathon runners who want something more than the usual medals. Our product is made from top-notch 314 stainless steel, showing off both its strong and stylish sides.

This bracelet is kind to the skin and can resist water. It's made from high-quality stainless steel, perfect for all types of marathon runners. Wear it comfortably and show off your wins, while also showing your love for long-distance running.

Its size, 18mm x 8mm, fits well with any 17mm wide band. Put it on and join an exclusive group of runners who enjoy mixing their love for marathons with a taste for luxury.

With this bracelet, you'll shine in the running world. Every step you take will reflect your success, brought to life by our unique, high-end athletic jewelry.

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Runner, Dreamer, Achiever?

Boost your running game with our strong yet stylish bracelet. Easily pair your Thersipo with any running outfit, adding an extra touch of elegance to every run. With each step you take, experience the thrill of victory, wrapped in luxury.

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Ordinary medals just end up ignored in a drawer.

The truth is - traditional medals often lack flair and memorability. Our eye-catching pieces shake up the old ways, offering a trendy and significant alternative that adds a touch of style to your achievements

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The Athletic Medal Revolution

You're more than an everyday runner, you're a star in the running scene, showing a combination of strength and class.