Sisters, mothers, entrepreneurs, inspired by YOU. You, the marathoner, and everyday runner, and all of your running stories, are extraordinary people who, despite long working hours and family obligations, always make time to train hard and complete a marathon.


Marathoners are something worth mentioning. It is more than just running 26.2 miles (42km). It is a lifestyle! It is holding up to core values; it is resilient, bold, and able to endure whatever comes their way. Marathons are something we can be proud of and share with people around the world.

A Thersipo wearable piece is a "daily reminder" of the incredible things achieved in life. There are no limits, and there are still many finish lines to cross.


After overcoming all kinds of obstacles, rugged terrain, and the weather against him, Pheidippides reached Marathon to accomplish the task entrusted to him by the gods. Marathon now bears the name of the mythical 42.195 meter run that he made from Marathon to Athens on August 12th, 490 BC.

Athens' people were given hope by his announcement of victory over the Persian army, but he had only one thing to say: "We won." He died of exhaustion shortly afterward.

Philipides may not have been the emissary after all. There are enough references to suggest another named Thersipo completed the task, which is now lost to history.

The intention of our work is not to challenge history; rather, we wish to highlight the fact that there are many anonymous heroes in the world today and in history, people who, through their actions, preparations, efforts, and perseverance, change this world for the better or change their own worlds for the worse. 


Our inspiration is you, the real athlete! You remind us that sports are not just for Olympians or professional athletes. But for those bold non-professional athletes who achieve the unthinkable through their daily effort and have overcome their own mental and physical limitations.

Your wall is already covered with medals that remind you of everything you've accomplished. Let us put those finish-line moments on your wrist so you never forget that you are unstoppable and that others are inspired by you.

Our Mission

Unleash the hero within you! Embrace the impossible! Let running be your passion, your emotion, your journey. Join our community and together we'll achieve greatness!

#Running = #Energy = #Vitality

Our purpose is to showcase and honor the accomplishments of Marathon Runners, aiming to raise awareness and motivate people from all walks of life to pursue marathon running. Our commitment is to offer Marathon runners an authentic brand that truly reflects their accomplishments and unique identity.

Each year, about 1.1 million runners complete a marathon, which is 0.01 percent of the world's population, according to the International Institute for Race Medicine (IIRM).

Together, we can raise that number one person at a time.

Unleash your Inner Hero!

Everyone should feel what you feel when you cross that finish line. Make running marathons viral!