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You run in rain. You run in snow. You run when you don't want to and when it feels like hell. You keep going forward, because you are the best version of yourself when you run.

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Our mission is to show how the love for sports can be a true lifestyle for Real Athletes, whether you are amateur or pro. By committing ourselves to this world of running, we hope to inspire others to do the same.

There is a hero in everyone. Nothing is impossible. Running is a Feeling. We believe that perseverance, passion, and pride are the values that drive our fellow athletes to overcome their limits and achieve greatness. We wanted to create a community where we can share these stories and motivate and inspire people to push themselves past their fears.

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We aim to raise awareness and inspire everyone to be a Marathoner. To bring Marathon Runners from the shadows and into the light by highlighting and celebrating their accomplishments. To ofer Marathon runners a true identification and a powerful brand to represent their accomplishment.

About 1.1 million runners complete a marathon each year, according to the International Institute for Race Medicine (IIRM), which represents 0.01 percent of the world's population.

Our goal is to move that number up, with your help, one person at a time.

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Stories from Running Superheroes

I hope that in sharing this story it helps you to find the inspiration and encouragement needed to test your own beliefs of what’s truly possible and/or lies on the other side of your fear and reservations for taking the road less traveled. 

“Self-confidence is a superpower.  Once you start to believe in yourself, magic starts happening.”

on July 12, 2022

World Marathon Major is an adventure. It is fascinating to meet people from other countries and cultures. It is also interesting to hear how people from other parts of the world view my land - Norway. During the distribution of start numbers in Boston, I was dispatched by a lady who could tell that Norway has the best schools in the world! As a retired teacher with a background from Harvard University, she probably knew what she was talking about. So, Norway is known for more than electric cars, expensive beer, mountains, wild nature, bears, wolves and good salmon rivers.

on November 24, 2021

The Marathon experience teaches us that no matter how challenging a situation can be, we can always reframe it as an opportunity; it is our choice. When things get complicated, we can always find anything we need within ourselves. It is there for us.

on May 12, 2021