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The story behind Thersipo Brand

Let's look back at the history of the Olympic Marathon. Many versions of the event attribute it to the myth of Pheidippides running from Marathon to Athens after the battle to announce the Greek victory.

Nevertheless, there are fewer but different versions of the myth that suggest the name of this runner was Thersipo. An ordinary man, having a regular life, whose achievement remained anonymous through centuries.

Yet, this anonymous Hero ended setting up the distance of one of the most recognized Olympic sports of all time.

Most of us spend our lives following the same routine every day, we wake up, go to work, go back home, sleep, and so on.

Some others decided to add some risk and the challenge of becoming a Marathon runner, a Marathon finisher.

These people one day took the call of the big 42k|26mi challenge and created some space in their lives to complete a full Marathon distance, just like Thersipo did. Yet, unless they win an Olympic medal, they remain anonymous to the world.

The Thesipo brand was born to give these anonymous heroes an identity and let them be recognized for what they are, heroes of life, and examples of effort and endurance. These people are constantly competing to be a better version of themselves regardless of the result.

Every Marathon is a victory, a goal. Some people say it is magical, amazing, unforgettable, epic, and even a dream. But above all, it is personal. It is a victory that has a different meaning for every person. Still, as a goal achieved, it should always be available to you, live by your side, and bring you back to that unique, memorable moment of victory.

Many runners hear about the Marathon, running 42k | 26 mi, and refuse to take the challenge. We want you to take that call and increase the number of runners who now belong to the Marathon community. We want you to live that experience and show yourself that you can cause you certainly can.

We believe that you won't stop running marathons once you cross the finish line for the first time. And moreover, you will become an inspiration to others to run marathons and create and impact people's lives on the roads and beyond the road.

That's what the Thersipo brand is all about. It is about recognizing the Marathon runner for what they are, and endurance athlete, whether on the road or outside the road, a person who believes in discipline and effort and never gives up.

We are giving back to the Marathon what the Marathon has already given us. We are connecting all Marathon runners under one brand and proudly wearing their achievement of being a Marathon runner.

Running a Marathon always has a personal and unique reward; everyone can see it or live differently. Share your reward with the world, and let's make the marathon community grow together. One person at a time.

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