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London Half Edition (21Km)

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    The Perfect Gift For The Marathon Runner:

    Stylish and Comfortable. The Thersipo Band is a very versatile accessory, it looks good when you are running and when you are not. Thersipo design and material supports all physical activities allowing you to proudly wear your Marathon medals every day. This is a great option for commemorating all your races. As much as you love running, you can love this present as a way to congratulate your effort after completing a 21k / 13.1mi or 42k / 26.2mi race. 

    Main Characteristics:

    Color:  Silver

    Material: 314 Stainless Steel

    Size:   18mm x 8mm Fits on a band 17mm Wide

    Designed For Passionate Runners:

    Whether you are a first-time marathon runner or an experienced one, keep your loved race moments closed. This bracelet contains the journey of all your favorite Marathons and Half-Marathons. You can choose which Marathon races to include and the best color that matches your personality.

    If you are going to brag about something, do it about your sporty and healthy life, and create an impact in your social circle. Become a symbol of endurance between friends and family, you are a champion and a superhero for all those who know you. Show how limits can be overcome, and that anything is possible.

    We promise you won’t want to take it off, like ever.

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    Comfortable and Durable Design

    The Thersipo Marathon bracelet is a versatile and functional accessory that adds style and comfort to your active lifestyle. Made of 100% premium silicone and stainless steel, it's hypoallergenic and water-resistant, ensuring durability even during intense workouts.

    Athletic Medal Revolution

    Bring your athletic achievements to new heights with our stunning athletic jewelry. Unlike traditional medals, our pieces are fashion-forward. Each piece is not only stunning but also incredibly durable, made with the finest materials.
    Everyone knows you're a hero.

    Whether you're a first-time marathoner or an experienced athlete. You deserve to brag about your sporty lifestyle! Your family and friends will admire your endurance. . Set an example of what's possible by overcoming limits.

    The Perfect Accessory for Your Active Lifestyle

    Active lifestyles call for athletic jewelry. A stylish addition to your fitness wardrobe. Despite intense workouts, our jewelry won't get damaged. Feel free to show off your unique style. You'll always look and feel your best, challenging the status quo every step of the way.